Quick Lunch Review: KJ’s Fried Chicken

KJ's definitely some ono kine grindz.

So if you ever find yourself on the windward side, in Kaneohe, definitely check out KJ’ s for some fried chicken. It is really good and makes for an excellent, fast lunch.  The chicken is tender and moist, and definitely has the right crunch. The skin of the chicken has a good spice mix and is perfect for lunch heading to the beach.The fried chicken is one the best that local style has to offer, and is great for munching on yourself or sharing with a friend.

Don't go to KFC, go to KJ's! Well, go to KFC if you want the Double-Down.

KJ’s also offers a variety of other fried chicken, such as furikake and Korean fried. Both are good and very flavorful. So if you are tired of fried chicken, give them a go they are good too. I still like the regular fried chicken the best. Nothing says comfort like deep fried, yeah?

The furikake chicken.

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