What a Better Way to Start the Weekend than With Ice Cream?

I do, I really do love you. Nom nom noms to the max!

So if you are following the Honolulu Grub Club website then you know I’ve been doing all those weird and random information posts on food, while interesting has nothing to do with Honolulu, Grub, or the Club, but those posts really show my dorky sense of humor. Here is my long winded reasoning if you are interested.

If you are new to following me (and please subscribe to my blog, it certainly boosts my ego!) then my blog is still going to do Restaurant Reviews, Midnight Munchies Spotlights, and Food for the Mind (Book Suggestions on the Food genre). However, in addition I will be doing new random information-sharing posts, like I did on HGC.

So let’s get to the real post: ICE CREAM!

If you know me, you know I love ice cream. Dinner usually must end with an ice cold treat or a trip to Bubbies. Also if you know me (or read my HGC post), then you know I also love infographics or as I call them “infoodgraphics” when they are well, related to food.

So I found the below infographic on the history of ice cream fascinating. Of course this also fed into the fact I was a history major. So it was like a triple score! I only wish I was able to get a quad-score by actually having ice cream in my hands as this is posted.

Oh yeah btw, I disagree with the “water ice” from the East point. I feel like that is more like shave ice (which I also love), which to me is completely different than ice cream.

History of Ice Cream
Via: Medical Insurance

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