Tessellate my Sub

A letter, diagramming efficient tessellation of cheese, sent to Subway.

No this post is not some dirty and weird food inuendo.

Webster says that:

Main Entry: tes·sel·late
Pronunciation: \ˈte-sə-ˌlāt\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): tes·sel·lat·ed; tes·sel·lat·ing
Etymology: Late Latin tessellatus, past participle of tessellare to pave with tesserae, from Latin tessella, diminutive of tessera
Date: 1789

: to form into or adorn with mosaic

So why am I bringing up tessellation? Other than the word kind of sounds cool? Well, the picture at the top of this post describes all too well-known frustration with Subway and its sandwich construction procedures.

The few times that I go to Subway I have always left annoyed, not because of the tessellation, but because the Subway I go to is slow and incompetent. I always eat my sandwich in bitter disappointment vowing never to return to that location, then only to find myself there again many months later because I am in a rush. Then I remember why I vowed to never go back because when I’m in a rush I’m delayed.

Anyway, enough of my rant on that and back to the post at hand. Well, that funny letter picture was sent  to Subway, and probably dozens if not more communications like it led to Subway changing its procedures this past July. So instead of overlapping your cheese triangles, the Subway employee should now tessellate them leading to optimal use of sandwich space. Yay!

I still have yet to work up the patience to go to my local Subway to see if this is true (or if they are still stupid).  May be I will just got to another one . . . still this is a victory for Subway patrons. Now, only if I could get The Counter to have better burger construction. Oh well, that’s for another post.


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