Amusing Food Pics of the Moment

Isn’t the internet wonderful? We can share pointless and ridiculous pieces of information with each other so that we all may be entertained for 3.7 seconds . . . possibly more. Anyway, I was digging around and found these two amusing pictures to share with all of you.

After traveling around the world and visiting several dive Chinese restaurants I love reading the badly translated menus that you are given. Real Chicken? So I’m assuming the Pork, Shrimp, BBQ Pork, and Beef fried rice are all fake? So is the meatless fake as well? Does that mean there is actually meat in the meatless fried rice?

Anyway, still does not beat the time I was in Spain at a Chinese restaurant (don’t ask why I would eat Chinese food in Spain). What I think they had down was translate Chinese into Spanish and then English, so the word “meat” had become “flesh.” Flesh and broccoli? Check please.

Do you like it when they serve pommes frites in a cone? I do too. It is so classy (you can read that as snobby).  Anyway, this place has decided to kick it up a notch and serve bacon by the glass. Either that or they have decided to skip the pleasantries of sweetness offered by the Coldstone Creamery PB&C shake.  Either way I think it definitely spruces up the bacon, don’t you think?

It is like a bouquet of meat. I think florists should take note, “I love you with meat” could sell to guys who would like something to share with their loved ones.


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