Don’t Look at this Post While Eating

From CBS News. These guys will be visiting your digestive tract with your next can of mushrooms.

The FDA tries to strike a balance between the safety of the food supply and the reality that the collecting and packaging of food is an imperfect science, and that things will always find its way in. Still it doesn’t really comfort you knowing that rat hair, maggots, parasites, dirt, fecal matter, and even cigarette butts might be in your food.  The FDA feels that a small amounts of these things won’t hurt you, which may be the case, but it may slow your appetite.

You can thank CBS News for letting you know what may be in your food here.

Despite, the fact the FDA allows these small amounts of “uck” stuff into our foods I still can’t get into the Raw Foodists arguments that no regulation is a good thing and that we should have a “raw” food supply chain. For more on that subject check it out here.


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