Nanotech Tea = Insta-Purified Water

As a tea drinker (over coffee) I definitely appreciate a sip of good tea. I liked tea so much I thought of opening a tea shop, but that has come to fruition yet. In the meantime, I like reading about the history of tea. It has definitely been an important beverage to humanity over the years. The heating of water to brew tea definitely helped population growth, as the heating would kill harmful things in the water.

Nowadays, with our fancy modern technology, South African researchers have created a tea bag that purifies water. It works by using nanotech fibers to filter harmful contaminants. Meanwhile, carbon is activated inside the bag to kill bacteria.

The best part of all this is the bag costs only a half a cent. This cheap little tea bag may just save tons of lives for a few cents. Check out more information about here.


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