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National Eggs Benedict Day and American Food Days

Happy hollandaise!

Today is National Eggs Benedict Day . . . hmm, that makes me want to go to Cinnamon’s and get Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict, which let me tell you is salty, soft meaty, goodness, that will make your taste buds melt and make your heart race (probably from all the calories, but never mind that).

However, a more interesting fact is that almost every day on the calendar is a an American Food Holiday.  Yep, that’s right a lot of the 365 (or 366 days, Feb. 29 is Surf and Turf Day) are taken!  So how do you get a special day like that put on the calendar?  Well, the President of the United States actually can declare a special day through a signing of a Proclamation.  If you are curious on a the details of such things then, click on this link.

However, if you are more curious about food and to see what special food represents your day then click on here.  I was born on National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, which is kind of ironic because I prefer chocolate over Vanilla.  I think I should petition Congress for a change of days.

So what food day were you born on?  And don’t you think with all this shameless promotion of food, which at least have a holiday from the food holidays?


What is ‘Organic’? and Other News about Mothers’ Breast Milk Ice Cream

Yesterday was Pancake Day and I totally missed it. This is a total bummer as I love pancakes . . . hmmm, I think this calls for a trek to Cinnamon’s or Liliha Bakery soon.

However, in other news read the re-caps of the Eat the Street 2, the food truck rally and The Chocolate Festival by Hawaii Blog and Nonstop Honolulu, respectively, by clicking on the appropriate links.

Personally, I was planning on attending Eat the Street 2, however it once again seemed poorly planned based on the numbers. The whole point of going for people curious is to try as many food trucks as possible if you spend forty-five minutes to an hour in each line a) you will be full from the prior truck you ate from and b) you will get to may be at most three trucks . . .  I don’t know somehow the planners need to take ameliorate some of the most glaring problems.

While, I appreciate that you should have a strategy to maximize your time there, that is only effective if you could get there before the rush, if you are a working professional with long hours, forget it. I have, based on my own experiences, ideas on how they could run it a more efficient manner, but I’ll save that for another time.

Oh well, cheers to Vino for serving my appetite this past Friday, as Eat the Street is now 0-2 for me now. There is always a next time I’m sure or may be I will just plan my food truck crawl.

Anyway, let’s turn to some national news. After the earlier post about what are Hawaii legislators are concerned about, several national organizations are continuing the debate over Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) and how the affect what is considered ‘organic.’ NPR has an interesting piece on how alfalfa is affecting our definition of what ‘organic’ is, and you can check it out here.

While, I can understand people’s need for keeping things ‘pure’ I always like to point out that many of the fruits, vegetables, and livestock we eat now have been genetically manipulated over thousands of years to obtain what we have now. While, it is true that the scale that we are doing it now is on a far more sophisticated and molecular level the reality is we as a race have been manipulating our food sources to produce what we want and how we want. Just my 2 cents.

Now for something really ‘organic’? Well, if mothers’ breast milk is ‘organic’? I guess that is the real question are we natural or is anything we do unnatural, hmm, something to ponder . . . Anyway, this NPR article reports how ice cream made with mothers’ breast milk was seized. I kind of think it is kind of funny it is being called Baby Gaga, and it does sound like something that Lady Gaga would do.

Finally, in happy Grub Club news, my fellow foodie and awesome Yelper Kyle H. has started a blog. Check it out by clicking here.


Quick Lunch Review: Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict and Guava Chiffon Pancakes

Alright, so this food really isn’t meant for lunch and it’s not necessarily quick, but well with my lawyering skills and as I bend the rules of my own policies I’m going to talk about the Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict and Guava Chiffon Pancakes found at Cinnamon’s in Kailua.

In my mind it is lunch because when I go there on Sundays it is lunchtime. Secondly, it is quick in the sense that the restaurant gets the food out quick, but the caveat is that the wait can be really long. Cinnamon’s is really popular and is it any wonder when they serve up things like Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict and Guava Chiffon Pancakes. My mouth is watering and my heart is racing as I mention those food items . . . or is it me having a heart attack for eating these things too many times? Oh well, you’ll know for sure if the posts stop coming.

Anyway, on to the food. I love salt. I talked about it here in conjunction with the NPR article talking about “Supertasters.” So the Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict is like a dream on earth. I am one of those people who at the Las Vegas buffet takes the Eggs Benedict, and then stares and pokes at it after eating everything else. So for me to devour these Eggs Benedict says something.

Such a savory treat is then perfectly paired with an order of Guava Chiffon pancakes for dessert. The taste is really evocative of drinking a good guava juice or eating fresh fruit. It really tastes like a good piece of cake. Anyway, if you find yourself in Kailua around breakfast and/or lunch I highly recommend getting a plate of Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict and Guava Chiffon Pancakes.


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