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How to order Dim Sum, Youtube style

A great joy of Chinese families is to go together Saturday or Sunday morning and have dim sum (點心 or lit. “little hearts”). We typically call it yum cha (飲茶) or literally, “drinking tea” as you would sip tea with all these great food. Typically, the brunch time affair has a soundtrack of loud noises (either from crashing plates, angry waitresses, or Chinese mothers yelling) while you share the the variety of small dishes that you share with your family.

Well, fortunately for me I met some awesome Chinese brethren while eating at Sikdorak, a Korean bbq place . .. hey, it’s Hawaii we like to mix it up. Anyway, this funny video ensued of how to order Chinese dim sum (albeit in Sushi ii . . . yeah, we had fun during the night), please watch my awesome Chinese buddies telling you how to do it dim sum style!

How to order dim sum – by Dan & Jen (English version)

Ignore the loud person in the background (as that would be me . . .). Thanks Melissa for filming this video. Hmmm, now that they said all that I want to go back to Hong Kong for some food.


Michelin Knows Food, and Now Knows Cheap

The first thing I learned about eating out from a Chinese mother, if it a place is crowded be patient and eat there. 3 hours of waiting must me Heaven in your mouth.

What does a tire company know about food? Well, that’s what I used to think, but this past March when I went to Hong Kong, my best friend, we decided our meals based on the Michelin Guide. Not one restaurant was bad. We loved them all!

Unfortunately, when you are only there for four days you don’t get to eat through the whole guide . . . though may be next time I will try.

Anyway, the Chicago Tribune pointed out something I missed in the guide. Tim Ho Wan (添好運). This place has become the cheapest eatery to be anointed with a star. The chefs at this place used to cook at the Four Seasons . . . it has to be good and when its cheaper, even so much the better!

I now find myself wanting to go back this year because if you have not been to Hong Kong and eaten at all the small awesome places they have you don’t know what you are missing.

By the way, I highly recommend getting the Michelin Guide for Hong Kong and Macao. It never led us astray.


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