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So Many Choices

Well, it is almost the weekend and I cannot wait, as I have had a busy, day, which will pale in comparison to tomorrow. Oh well, at least baby it is the weekend and I am going to have me some fun. But oh the choices!

This Friday (1/28) is Art After Dark, and celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with the appropriately named theme, “Show Me the Bunny.” For more info., click on this link.  As always there will be good fun, and of course food, with Chef Kenney of Town and Downtown there, and if you don’t want that there is always Le Guignol a hop and a skip away.

BUT WAIT, what is this?! There is another fun and food-filled event in Chinatown itself. This weekend celebrating Chinese New Year and the return of the NFL ProBowl is the “I Love Chinatown Festival.” For more information click over here.

And of course, I have to choose between Art After Dark and I Love Chinatown Festival on Friday because Saturday is Off-Menu’s Off-Premise Dining with Off the Wall, which will be off the hook (how many times can I say “off”?). Hmm, I mentioned all events and venues that are featuring Chefs that are with Off-Menu, hmmm . . . they must be on to something.

Anyway, last, and certainly not at all least is Nonstop Honolulu, they have filled my lunch and dinner schedule with a wide range of new eats around the fair city and county of Honolulu. Check it out, they have 57 new and upcoming places that foodies, like myself, are interesting in feeding their four stomachs. As always Mari Taketa is truly on it!


Food Trucks Go Gourmet

Skillet looks like an awesome food truck . . . too bad I'm in Honolulu and it is in Seattle.

It looks like that a lot of chefs are heading out of the restaurants and into the trucks. This NPR article talks about how a lot of fine dining chefs are setting up their own food trucks rather than a regular brick-and-mortar store.

I definitely am behind this all the way. Living here in Hawaii plate lunches from trucks are some of the best finds for eats. Then living and going to school in Philly I could not get enough of the crepe truck that parked near the gym at the UPenn campus. I know, crepes after gym equals awesome diet . . .

From a business perspective, I really think that this is a show of innovation and creativeness on the part of the chefs. The mobile food keeps costs down and the like or dislike is definitely felt more immediately. Therefore, there is a lot of creativity going on. Despite the higher prices compared to cheap food trucks, these gourmet ones are still more bang for your buck. Especially, for workers in office buildings who can afford the prices. They know where to get a restaurant meal without having to go to a restaurant. Plus it still comes out cheaper because the chef can offer a meal without all the costs associated with a restaurant.

Anyway, enough of my analysis, I’d also like to share these other finds for Honolulu food trucks.

Some Other Noteworthy Food Trucks

First up, is the Soul Patrol by Chef Sean Priester. Chef Sean used to work at Top of Waikiki before he set out on his own. Now he has his own restaurant, but still finds time to keep his soul food service on wheels. I myself have not tried his food, but several people have suggested it and Chef Sean definitely has a following. (Future Lunch Review!) From what I hear, best place for soul food on the island.

Next up, Shogunai Tacos. Never heard of it here on Honolulu? Well, that’s because it isn’t here yet. Shared to me by a Facebook post, I checked the link and it definitely sounds interesting and fun. I definitely think this will be a cool one to check out. I like Sapori and Moroccan food, and I think that Chef Kamal will bring some new flavors, which I think makes it a great concept.


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