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Midnight Munchies Spotlight: Liliha Short Stack

One of my favorite places to grab pancakes in the middle of the night, even though it is totally unhealthy, is Liliha Bakery. This little gem of a diner in the heart of Liliha is the perfect place to hit up after clubbing, karaoke, or playing too much Rockband at your friend’s apartment.

Breakfast at midnight always hits an insomniac's spot.

Best part is that the batter used by Liliha’s staff is consistent. All the times I’ve gone it tastes the same. The pancakes are moist, nice-sized, and fluffy. They stand up to syrup quite nicely and lastly, you can get them fast. If you are craving something sweet, warm, and fluffy grab a short stack, you can be in and out there just as fast as any other fast food joint.

Catch you there in the middle of the night!


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