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Restaurant Review: GoShiGo

GoShiGo: Udon and Dining Bar

903 Keeaumoku St.

Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 942-0545

11 a.m.–1:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Mon. – Sat.

Style: Udon

The Stamina Vol. II - I guess it gives more stamina than Vol. I?

Getting the Good: The udon is fresh.  They are a good consistency, chewy, but not tough. The noodles are made by a master, and sometimes you get the chance to see him make it. The dishes are inexpensive and filling. The atmosphere matches that of a local, cozy noodle place in a Japanese neighborhood.

Battling the Bad: As with anything else in Honolulu there is limited parking. While there are some simple dishes, I think that the main emphasis of GoShiGo are styles that are not typical of udon noodles. Some of the dishes may be fun, but too cluttered and interferes with the freshness and great texture of the noodles themselves. The menu itself is odd. It has some items that do not necessarily work well with udon.

Bottom line: I love good noodles, and I definitely think GoShiGo has good noodles. However, some of the dishes are hit or miss. I think if the parking is too crowded I would be inclined to go somewhere else and try again later in the week. I would probably give the place (if I had a rating system) a 2 1/2 out 5.

Go when Craving Udon, Don’t Go When Crowded

GoShiGo: Udon and Dining Bar replaced the prior noodle house, Taishoken Ramen. For the most part the eatery layout remains the same, but the noodles are different. The noodles here are udon noodles. Udon is a thick Japanese wheat-flour noodle. Typically, served with a mild broth or sauce the noodles go great with a variety of ingredients. In addition, the noodles lend themselves to be serving hot or cold depending on the season or your mood.

I had the “Stamina Vol. II” noodles, which is a cold udon. It comes with egg, tempura vegetable hash, cooked cold beef, and yamaimo (mountain yam). On the first bite, I definitely could tell the noodles were fresh and they had a good consistency. I tend to like my udon noodles slightly chewy, but not tough. They should also be coated with a good sauce or broth, but the noodle should be able to stand out.

While I liked the “Stamina Vol. II”, I do not think I would necessarily order it again. I felt as the meal went on all the items in my udon bowl became too cluttered and mixed. This began to muddle the flavor of the noodles, and made it harder to eat. I think next time I go I will try something simpler, but that brings me to my next point. I think that if you don’t mind new styles with udon or something not typically Japanese you will like it here. The menu itself has appetizers that I do not think would necessarily go with udon noodles. For example, they had lumpia (a Filipino spring roll). While the lumpia was good I don’t think it is the best. I think there are other things that would go better with the udon.

The lumpia.

I think that is my overall feeling: I would only go to GoShiGo if I was in the mood to go. Do not get me wrong it is good, but I think for me there are other places I would choose to go if I could not find parking immediately. GoShiGo unfortunately inherits a similar problem that many establishments on the island must contend with, the lack of parking. GoShiGo is near several other popular places that use the same parking lot.

I think for a good to decent meal it is worth going, but beyond that I don’t think it is worth driving around the lot or looking for street parking unless you are craving udon noodles.


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