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Quick Lunch Review: Ichiben’s Shoyu Ramen + 4 Gyoza

Shoyu ramen, perflecty salty and meaty . . .

Lately, when I find myself in Aiea or Pearl City area and I’m craving ramen I head to Ichiben. Ezogiku at Waimalu and Pearl City have frequently gone down in quality as the noodles are too “eggy” or soggy. I like Ichiben because it is fast, cheap, and much tastier compared to Ezogiku.

I’ve gone many times to Ichiben, but I’m going to focus on the Shoyu ramen. Why? Because Shoyu is pretty basic and if you can’t make Shoyu, you might as well give up in the ramen business.  At Ichiben the Shoyu ramen is not too salty, but is salty enough to compliment the four slices of char siu they give you. The noodles are good consistency. Not too thick, not chewy, but strong enough to hold some soup stock as you gulp them down.

These are meh, but can you really eat ramen without gyoza? Not to mention the price . . .

Lastly, this meal is awesome because for under $10 you also get four gyoza. The gyoza is not that great, in fact they are ok. I’m sure they would say them make them fresh like their soup stock, but they still taste like the frozen kind.  That being said for under $10 you can’t beat a substantial ramen plus gyoza.

Oh yeah, the service here is also very good. They are always happy, check on you constantly, and seem to be genuine when they say “thank you.” So I’m thankful I no longer need to go to Ezogiku when I’m in Aiea or Pearl City.

Yep, it was just $9.16, and I was in and out under 30 minutes!


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