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My Perspective on Food

I think that food means something different to everyone as everyone has different types of tastes. Food can be an art form. The chef’s media are ingredients that encompass the tiniest of spices to the largest of fish. The chef’s tools are pots, pans, and yes, sometimes even brushes. However, for many culinary artists they have a vision in their mind when they create something.

That is where I try to start with any review:

What did the cook, chef, or restaurateur set out to do when they created this plate, dish, or establishment?

However, I’ll admit I am only slightly above average when it comes to my knowledge of food. While I am not the everyday American man satisfied with budget buffets and dollar menu items (another words, my dad), I also acknowledge my lack of culinary skills to make fluffy pancakes. My lack of cooking skill is matched by my complete lack of rhythm and pitch for singing (think of a strangled cat singing pop songs). So sometimes my judgment is limited, but I am always open to exploring new things, which is why I love food.

My love of food comes from my background. I was born and raised in Hawaii with a Chinese heritage. I studied history and politics in college and then went on to get a J.D./M.B.A. I have always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge that is not just limited to food. I have visited numerous countries in my three decades of life, and am anxious to visit more. Lastly, my eating in life has been molded by the fact that I have an overbearing Chinese mother shoving different foods in front of my face telling me, “you’ll like it!”

Despite these pluses and minuses (possibly more minuses than pluses) I believe my two cents is somewhat worth sharing. So to my readers I just want you to know the experiences that have shaped what I am writing.  Experiences that I hope continue to grow and that I can share with all of you. Lastly, I believe that eating good food with good friends and family is one of the best parts of life.


Raiding one refrigerator at a time!

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