My Rating System for Restaurant Reviews

I follow the HGC general template of the 1-5 Shiso rating system. Typically, I will review restaurants that the HGC goes to for a dinner event. In addition, if I feel that I have experienced everything a restaurant has to offer whether I am with friends, family, or by myself I will review it.

Midnight Munchies Spotlight

This is where I focus on what I can be found eating in the middle of the night. I have insomnia a lot and generally that means I’m craving eating something.

The Quick Lunch Review

This is where I have a quick review of the lunch item that I ordered. This generally says nothing of the restaurant or what it is like for dinner at the establishment. These are quick on the take reviews based on just what I ordered.

Food for the Mind

As an avid reader, and former history student, I have a penchant for reading books about food. In particular, I like the history of certain foods or an author’s journey exploring the connection food has to them or the world at large. So for this post I will suggest a book that I’m sure history and food buffs will both enjoy.



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